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You never get lost you never get lonely Half of the world loves you and you only Maybe it's true that everything's here for you All of existence tailor made for you Even inanimate objects adore you Maybe it's true that everything's here for you Your friends are moons In orbit around A beautiful planet It's your universe A billion souls Have minor roles In your epic movie It's your universe And it's only for you for you for you When you're around it's always unspoken But everything works and nothing gets broken Maybe it's true that everything's here for you You never look back you never look forward You're so secure and baby I sure would Do it for you cause everything's here for you You're at the hub Of Karmic Wheels Life circles around you It's your universe When you're asleep We cease to exist You're central, essential It's your universe And it's only for you for you for you
Celebrity 03:48
You had your boob job And they straightened your nose You got some crap designer’s godawful clothes Let's irrigate your semicolon Wonder where they stick the hose Do you suppose? You stalk the paparazzi so they'll stalk you You'd sell your soul to get the spotlight on you Remove all your unsightly hairs For Sting and Elton and the Blairs (who cares?) You'll never be another wannabe - celebrity celebrity Cos now you're free from anonymity - celebrity celebrity Out to find the in crowd past the bloke on the door You're just another sparkly media whore Your diet fad's a total pain You lost some weight it came off your brain Let me explain Cos now you're free from anonymity celebrity celebrity And now you're it Yeah you’re so full of it celebrity celebrity Your personal trainer tells you 'talk to the trees' Your astrological adviser agrees You need to sort your yin and yang Can't see your feng for your feng shuis Oh please Cos now you're free From anonymity - celebrity celebrity You'll never be Another wannabe - celebrity celebrity And now you're free From common oiks like me - celebrity
None could open her eyes Sleeping beauty lies Not in this world She's in the sky with diamonds Getting high with simple Simons She's in for a surprise Now here comes the kiss The kiss of life The sunlight's warm embrace Will slowly melt the shadows from her face See, dreams are only for the sleeping So pinch yourself its wakey wakey time Come on - rise and shine Neither living nor dead Somewhere else instead Hibernating Waiting for the dawning Of a long forgotten morning Come on - get out of bed Time to break the spell You're hypnotised By the rhythm of daily routine You're living in The moments in between See, chance is only for the taking And rules for breaking You're only marking time Come on - rise and shine Here comes the sun now watch it shine
Future Song 03:54
I'm walking through the streets at night The shadows cast no sun I've got no sense of what is right I'm alright when the game's begun But now the whistle's blown I'm talking to complete strangers About the universe Life and everything made sense last night But fortune's gone from bad to worse I can't find my way back home The future's written in the stars The past has been rubbed out The present is a gift So pass it round A song is playing in my head Over and over again My body's plainly under-fed But that tune will always feed my brain When there's nothing else to do I hear your voice, it's such a tease With E.S.P. I'm cursed I'm testing out these theories This entropy will be reversed The moment I'm with you The past is written in the stars The future's been mapped out The present's all wrapped up So take it now I'm talking to complete strangers In the pub and on the bus I just do not know where to stop I'm living life for both of us But dying to get home The future's written in the stars The past has been rubbed out The present is a gift The past is written in the stars The future's been mapped out The present's all wrapped up The past is written in the stars The present's just a scam The future is with you So here I am
Well there's a world where grass is truly greener Another where the sea is pure Ribena Alternative realities exist right here So Infinite, so strange (you get the idea) So there's a world where hell has turned to heaven And there's a world where 9 -11 never dawned If there's a world where Jews call Arabs brothers Then there's a world where you and me are lovers Worlds in parallel Worlds at tangents Worlds but a few can see Some not far from our own And crossing the line Would suit me just fine So come and live in mine I think we're heading in the same direction But somehow we don't seem to meet along the way A journey made without an intersection Because somehow as well our worlds are parallel Worlds in parallel Worlds at tangents Worlds but a few can see Some not far from our own It wouldn't take much To get you in touch with parallel worlds of your own
Ghost 03:30
A presence hanging in the air A breath upon your body hair I'm in your space though clearly I'm An echo from another time And obviously never there The party's long been dead and gone But I was left, there's always one Who stays and wears his welcome thin Won't take the hint you're turning in No turning off what you turned on We never let eachother go I was there to catch you when you fell down But now you're on the rise I'm less of a guardian angel and more A demon to exorcise I'll vapourise The time is right To step into the light A figure lurking in your dreams An extra in a dozen scenes I'm on the page between the lines I put the old in Auld Lang Syne And old acquaintances in time Should be forgot and left behind I was there to be there for you Come what may But it may now be plain I'm less a familiar spirit and more A bump in the night to explain I will remain Till you get around To putting me underground A stubborn stain you can't erase A haunting tune that always plays When it's fifty fifty, phone a friend I'll still be here, but don't depend The place to start is at the end
I have seen the future There's some haircuts to beware of There's some fashions to avoid I'll just say no I'd rather not And the music's mainly awful And though drugs are still unlawful Everybody takes a drawerful Which I guess explains a lot We were right about computers But there are no laser shooters And there's still no hover motors And no hi-rise monorail We don't look up to the stars There's no colonies on Mars There's no alien artifacts They never found the holy grail I have seen the future Oh, the future... I have seen the future And it's really quite disturbing All the terrorists are crazy But the president is worse Now we're all celebrities On our reality TVs We got porno DVDs From straight to paedophile perverse We are going grey And we are often heard to say "Aren't the policemen getting younger Oh the youth of today" I have seen the future It's really not so great But I know that I will wake up Back in 1978 I have seen the future Oh, the future...
Girls like you are out of bounds You're off the scale and on the town You're in the pink And you're so up on what's going down Girls like you cause accidents And other unforeseen events You'd think that girls like you Were rare as summer snow But no, it isn't so, There's girls like you most everywhere I go Girls like you Well, I gave up drugs and cigarettes And alcohol, and my regrets But I just don't know if I'll just say no to you, just yet 'Cause girls like you make men like me Behave like boys round a christmas tree We want to open up the parcel but we know we're not allowed And you're the one and baby, two's a crowd You're a pain in the neck the way you turn my head You make me lose the thread Where was I? Girls like you shine like the sun On a plate of snacks you're the creamy bun You're the forbidden fruit oh yummity yum yum yum Girls like you make perfect sense But you're not cheap high maintenance You'd have me wrapped around your finger Oh - resistance futile, I obey No, I won't live from day to day that way Girls like you (and so do I)
Square One 04:12
See the sunshine in your eyes It comes as no surprise To learn that it was my imagination running wild Searching for a rainbow and a pot of gold It wasn’t mine to hold And maybe all that springing in my step Was just my rubber soul But I’m thinking to myself Who's captain of the ship? And can you make it so Then I realise it’s out of our hands So now I know - That it’s back to square one again, The place I know so well Back to square one again, Almost feels like home If I want to know well this is hard to say We’re a long way from the end And I don’t think any more or any less of you my faithful friend There’s so much going round and round in my head, but when I’m on the mend It might be easier just to explain But it’s none of your concern Better if I keep myself to myself Something that I learned Way back at square one again The place I know so well Back to square one again - it isn’t really hell Buttons will be pressed again Switched on to what I chose Windows will be opened Although the doors are closed Benefit gigs organised and I’ll play for a laugh Wandering down that road again Oh keep to the path But I’m wondering again Just for a little while Where did I go wrong Now I think we know That time’s been rearranged Here it won’t be long ‘Til we’re back at square one again The place we know so well Back to square one again, Almost feels like home Back to square one, to square one To square, square, square, square one
She's got 'A' levels in health and beauty She's got a sexual degree She was first in line when charm was handed out No doubt she's overwhelming me But She's Not You No, She's Not You She's got everything She even listens when I talk endlessly of space She's got lips and curvy hips And she could launch a thousand ships With only her face But She's Not You No She's Not... ...shy about her lingerie She lets me watch the football on TV She's Not You She's good with irons ovens, pegs She makes me chips and scrambled eggs And She's Not You Though sometimes I wish she was She's way out of my league I'm amazed that somehow I'm amazing her Mind of Jezebel Soul of Gandhi And the body of Kim Basinger But She's Not You She's Not You
Timephone 04:11
I'm the old man you will become Talking on the timephone from 2041 I have a message I have something to say Before you waste your life away Try and love If you believe in anything make it love Don't be surprised if life don't bring you Wealth, success, your heart's desire All could go in flood or fire Aiming low is aiming higher - Love Give me memories I can't recall Give me debts and denture sets Yeah I can take it all A pickled liver and lungs of coal But don't you mess with my soul Try and love If you believe in anything make it love Don't be surprised if life don't bring you Wealth, success, eternal bliss Infinity in every kiss There's only one thing you would miss And that's love Where was I ? Sometimes I lose track of what I'm saying Sometimes I lose track of who I am I'm losing my marbles and my body's decaying And the world spins faster to a slower man I don't get about much So live while you can Don't you bring me pain, don't cause regret Don't give me cause to remember What I rather would forget It's time to wake up, and it's time to move on Before the moment is gone Try and love And if you can't just do your best to love It's a challenge, it's a test So, smell the roses while you may Carpe Diem, seize the day My money's running out so once more I say....Just...love


Four thirtysomethings who really ought to know better have managed to craft a near-perfect pop gem. ‘Energise’ stands out as one of the most uplifting, not to mention unexpected, musical achievements of 2005

Energise isn't burdened with any deadwood to speak of. It's a likeable listen from front to back with precious little need of the skip button. If the idea of undersung thirtysomethings making relevant guitar pop sounds highly illogical, then hear ‘Energise’ first. It's illogically good.

There's a real human and honest feel to this whole album, something that gets under your skin, whether you want it there or not. It's one small step for wry tongue-in-cheekiness, a giant leap for out-and-out good tunes

Enterprise-sized hooks, tunes as catchy as the best tractor beam.. but really, there isn't anything trekky about this album. The key is that Shatner really know their pop music. Most importantly, they don't care what's cool and what isn't - they probably don't even know. That level of detachment means they can make the songs they want. Sci-fi geekery never sounded so good.
Sandman magazine

Pop that covers a lot of ground - and they can really play
'Vibrations' fanzine

This is never going to be considered a cool and/or fashionable album but there are more important things such as melodies and lyrics that actually mean something. ‘Energise’ is a record worth checking out.
Heathen Angel

A waft of fresh air
Vanity Project


released November 1, 2004


all rights reserved



Shatner Leeds, UK

Two of Shatner's albums were voted into the 'top 100 albums of the decade' poll in Leeds music mag 'Vibrations'. Recently described as “somewhere between The Clash and The B52s,” the band gigs sporadically around the North, most recently in Leeds, Harrogate, Nottingham, Sheffield, York, Hull and Huddersfield. They have recently supported From The Jam, Altered Images and Half Man Half Biscuit. ... more

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